Working At Afters

Are you interested in working at Afters?

Our staff are employed under the conditions of the Children’s Services Award (2010).

  • If you are interested in working with Aranda Afters, as a member of our educator team, please send a copy of your resume and contact details for two referees to
  • We will then invite you in for an interview, which lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Before your first shift

Before commencing work you will need have a current Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card; and return  completed copies of the following paperwork:

  • Tax File Number Declaration Form (Available online)

Knowledge of our policies

All staff need to know where to access our policies.  All our policies can be accessed through the following link:

All staff need to have a sound working knowledge and understanding of the policies in the following list:

Child Protection Policy Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Code of Conduct Relationships with Children Policy
Emergency Management Policy Safe Food Handling and Hygiene Policy
Excursion Policy Staff Roles and Responsibilities
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy Work Health and Safety Policy
Infectious Diseases Policy

 Staff Induction

All new staff undergo an induction process when they first commence duty with Aranda Afters.  Below is a link to the Staff Induction Process that is completed by all new staff.

Additonal Information for Staff

The following information is also useful for new, and current, staff:

E Training Courses for Staff

Below are links to e-training courses for new and current staff:

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