SVC Enrolments: How To Book!

The Enrolment Form can be found here!

The link to the Booking Form can be found throughout this email or you can head to the website’s SVC page.

  • If you have already enrolled for Aranda Afters 2022 then you DO NOT have to fill out another enrolment form – only the Winter SVC Booking Form.
  • If you wish to change or add to your booking, please DO NOT fill out a second Booking Form as this will stall the confirmation of your booking.
  • For any changes, please use the Xplor app or email us at:
  • Get in early! The early bird rate will be in place for all bookings received by 11:59 Sunday 19th June 2022.
  • Some excursions and certain incursions currently have limited places – for these days, a wait list will be created and if places become available or if the capped number is raised, you will be notified in writing.

The SVC Winter program can be found here!

Please Note: All initial SVC bookings must be made with the Booking Form and NOT through Xplor

In order for us to process and confirm your Winter SVC Booking Form, we must first ensure you are enrolled with Aranda Afters for 2022. Please follow the instructions below in line with your current category: My child is enrolled for 2022:If your child is currently attending Aranda Afters or did attend the Summer or Autumn 2022 School Vacation Care program  – this is you!– You only need to complete Winter SVC Booking Form from Monday 6th June at 10am.My child is not enrolled for 2022:If your child is not currently attending Aranda After School Care and did not attend the Summer or Autumn SVC program, but did attend a program in 2021 – this is you!– You must ensure you have completed and submitted the        2022 re-enrolment formMy child has never attended Aranda AftersIf your child has never attended Aranda Afters for either After School Care or the School Vacation Care before – this is you!– You must ensure you have completed and submitted the         Xplor 2022 Aranda Afters enrolment form

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