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School Vacation Care (SVC) Program

Spring SVC Booking are NOW OPEN!

As you will all be aware, the ACT is currently in a statewide lockdown until October 15th. Aranda Afters will be open during SVC for families with essential workers and vulnerable children, and an alternate COVID safe program has been established for this situation.

School Vacation Care – Program Information

The Aranda Afters School Vacation Care (SVC) program operates from 8.30 am – 6.00 pm; Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and our Christmas/New Year shut down period), during ACT school vacation periods.

The SVC Booking Form is released every term on the Monday of Week 7 for the upcoming school holiday period. Information about this process will be emailed to families in Week 6. 

Information and booking forms for our upcoming SVC program will be placed on this page at the commencement of the booking period for each SVC program period.

Please note that in order to enrol for our vacation care program, you must complete a 2021 Aranda Afters Enrolment form AND an Aranda Vacation Care Booking Form for any/all children.

2021 Aranda Afters Re-enrolment Form for existing families can be found via this link.

2021 Aranda Afters Enrolment Form for new families can be found via this link

Some tips for enrolments

The link to the Booking Form can be found throughout this email or you can head to the website’s SVC page. 
– If you have already enrolled for Aranda Afters 2021 then you DO NOT have to 
         fill out another enrolment form – only the Spring SVC Booking Form. 
– If you wish to change or add to your booking, please DO NOT fill out a second            Booking Form as this will stall the confirmation of your booking. 
– For any changes, please use the Xplor app or email us at: 

Please Note: All initial SVC bookings must be made with the Booking Form and NOT through Xplor

Sophia and Lily

The Program

This Spring SVC Program will run for the following days:

Monday Sep 20th – Friday Sep 24th
Monday Sep 27th – Friday Oct 1st

Our hours of operation throughout the July SVC Program will be:

8:30am – 6:00pm

As you will all be aware, the ACT is currently in a statewide lockdown until October 15th. Aranda Afters will be open during SVC for families with essential workers and vulnerable children, and an alternate COVID safe program has been established for this situation.

COVID-19 Contingency Program

COVID-19 Contingency Plan Detailed Overview

Important information

In order for us to process and confirm your Spring SVC Booking Form, we must first ensure you are enrolled with Aranda Afters for 2021.

Please follow the instructions below in line with your current category:

My child is enrolled for 2021:
If your child is currently attending Aranda Afters or did attend the April 2021 School Vacation Care program – this is you!

  • You only need to complete the Spring SVC Booking Form from 2pm Wednesday August 25th

My child is not enrolled for 2021:
If your child is not currently attending Aranda After School Care and did not attend the January or April 2021 SVC program but you did attend either program in 2020 – this is you!

My child has never attended Aranda Afters:
If your child has never attended Aranda Afters for either After School Care or the School Vacation Care before – this is you!

COVID-19 Precautions

Due to the changes implemented across our service and within the A.C.T, our upcoming Spring 2021 program has been structured to ensure the safety of all attending children and Educators.

The excursions and incursions Aranda Afters will be engaging in across the Spring holidays have been specially chosen with the COVID-19 precautions of both the vendors and our service in mind.

  • Incursions run by external vendors will be subject to our service risk assessment.
  • Thorough cleaning of the service space will take place each morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as directly before and after any incursion.
  • Group sizes and transportation precautions have been considered for all excursion locations and vendors.
    *This means that there is an initial cap on each excursion – if interest is overwhelming, we will have the ability to book a second bus and expand the excursion so we encourage all families to apply for all interested days, even if you know there is no space.

For more information on our service’s response to COVID-19 and our current practices, please speak to a member of the Leadership Team or head to the website at

Due to the current climate of our service, some activities or programs may be changed or adjusted closer to the date or once program has commenced.

How Do We Help?

Contactless Drop off
We ask that parents continue to maintain contactless drop off through the use of the Xplor Home app from the top of the basketball court.

How does it work?
Once the app has been downloaded to your phone and you have created a profile, you simply need to scan the QR code at the Rolls Table to sign your children in/out.

Speak to children around the importance of continuing to wash their hands frequently, especially when entering or leaving a different environment like home, school, or Afters.

What can we do?

  • Ask children to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when dropping off / picking up
  • Encourage children (even siblings) not to share drink bottles or food.

While restrictions have eased, it is still important to maintain safe hygiene practices, social distancing, and awareness conversations with children.

Is it really still important?
YES!! the continuing vigilance of all Aranda community members will ensure the success of our wonderful Canberra bubble!

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