Please note that places in our ASC Program are in high demand and we have had waiting lists for a number of days of the week during the past few years. 

Aranda Afters offers After School Care (ASC) during the school term. To find out how to attend, check out how to enroll with us!

Our program hours of operation are: 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm; Monday to Friday during ACT school term time. Excludes ACT public holidays. 


Aranda Afters ASC Programs

Term 2, 2022

For ASC Term 2, Afters will be promoting equality and a diverse play space for all children at the service. We will also be focusing on children’s friendships and working together as team in a plethora of activities. Children will have the chance to focus on building their friendships as well as being able to engage in positive relationships and interactions!

Learning goal:  Children will be working towards learning to collaborate together and respectfully as a team as well as learn to be confident learners and involved in their own learning experience. 

Sustainability goal: To rebuild the Aranda Afters Garden, getting children involved and learning more about the gardening processes as well as being able to help plant some new fauna. 

Cultural and community goal: To learn more about first nations cultures through art, cooking, STEM and sporting activities. Children will also have the opportunity to learn the significance of ANZAC Day and R U OK day. 

We are in the process of planning the rest of our Term 2 program for 2022, and will share these programs with the community after finalizing  activities and themes. Our programs are crafted in collaboration with all members of the Aranda Afters community, including the primary school, educators, families and children.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is served at our Outside School Hours Program each afternoon. We have begun implementing hot foods into our afternoon tea, to ensure children have variety if they are attend regularly. 

A sample menu: Aranda Afters Menu – 2021

Chrome Books

Students, in Years 4, 5 and 6, are issued “chrome books” as part of their learning program at Aranda Primary School. Our program allows children to use their chrome books for educational purposes through an agreement between the child, their parents and the service. In 2019 the nature of this agreement has changed, and students will need to complete and return an updated form before they can begin using their Chromebooks within the program. A link to a copy of the agreement is below.

Aranda Afters Acceptable use of Information Technology Agreement.

Aranda Music and Arts (AMA)

Many of the children attending Aranda Afters also attend programs operated by Aranda Music and Arts (AMA). 

Families, with children participating in AMA programs,  are asked to complete and return an Aranda Afters 2022 Extra-Curricular Permissions Form to the Aranda Afters office to ensure our rolls are maintained accurately.  This is particularly important in emergency situations as we need to be able to account for all children who are meant to be with us.

Aranda Afters 2022 Extra-Curricular Permissions Form

NB:  Children will not be able to depart from Afters to attend these programs if the permission form is not returned.


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