The Aranda Afters Service Philosophy is guided by My Time our Place Framework for School Age Care, and the National Quality Framework.

This philosophy is implemented by following Aranda Afters policies and procedures and is based on an active partnership between educators, families, committee and children which will:

  1. Support every child, family and educator to participate in our program, tailor a curriculum around all children’s backgrounds, needs and interests and reflect the cultures of our families and community.
  2. Provide an environment which supports appropriate nutrition, hygiene, health, and safety.
  3. Accommodate for children’s developing needs and interests by: allowing them to pursue a range of activities and interests utilising a variety of stimulating resources; and fostering their understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining sustainable practices.
  4. Encourage in educators a sense of professional standards that embeds positive relationships, collaboration, mutual respect and equity for all children, educators, families and the wider community.
  5. Nurture respectful relationships that foster a sense of belonging for everyone at our service.
  6. Recognise that successful partnerships are based on effective communications which builds the foundations of growth and development for children.
  7. Provide a commitment to professional standards in leadership and management that ensures continuous improvement, and effective procedures and systems.

You can view a full copy of the Aranda Afters Service Philosophy by clicking on the following link:

Aranda Afters Service Philosophy

 Aranda Afters – Centre Risk Assessment

Our Centre Risk Assessment is part of our commitment to ensuring we offer a caring and safe environment for the children enrolled in our service.  Please use the link, below, to access our Centre Risk Assessment.

Aranda Afters – Centre Risk Assessment

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