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Enrolling With Us

2019 Enrolment Processes 

The 2019 Aranda Afters Association enrolment process is coming up! First round of enrolments will be opened between Monday 5th November and Friday 16th November. All enrolments received after Friday 16th November will be processed as a Second round enrolment in January

In preparation for this, please review all the below information that has been shared with all existing enrolments and then begin preparing your documentation for the Enrolment Steps, as outlined.

2019 Information Sheet to Families

Do you have questions about the 2019 enrolment process?  Below is a link to the most frequently asked questions we have received about this year’s process and some answers to these questions.

Aranda Afters – 2019 Enrolment FAQs


An enrollment and booking form is required when families initially apply for children to attend Aranda Afters. An annual, non-refundable, account keeping and membership fee is charged upon the submission of an enrollment form.

The Enrolment forms are available below. Follow the instructions in the form and ensure that all sections are completed correctly prior to submitting it.  If you have any difficulties regarding completing the form please contact the Director for assistance.

In preparation for completing this form you will need:

  • CRN’s for each child;
  • CRN for the claiming parent;
  • Doctor and Dentist information; and
  • Medicare numbers
  • Medical information and Action Plans

 Enrolling your child 

Step 1

Read and become familiar with the Enrolment Policy and Handbook.

2019 Handbook

Enrolment policy 2019

Below is a list of important forms and documents you may need to complete when enrolling your child.

Enrolment Forms Medical Forms Operational Forms
2019 Authorisations, Terms and Conditions Risk Minimisation and Communication Plans

Extracurricular Activities Permission Form
Debit Success Form Medical Action Plans ^ *

Chromebook Permission Form
Medication Authorisation Form

^ All action plans are required to be signed and dated by a Doctor within the last 12 months

* Please note Action plans provided here are a Courtesy, doctors may wish to complete their own template

Step 2

Fill out an enrollment form online with all required fields. 

2019 Enrolment forms are available here

Step 3

After you have completed your online enrollment form, complete and submit all forms pertaining to your family found in Step 1

Step 4

Contact the service to discuss availability and confirmation of your enrollment.


Limited places are available for Outside School Hours Care and you can not be guaranteed a place. Please ensure you lodge your correctly completed form early to ensure the best possible opportunity of securing the days you are after.

Adding Additional Authorised persons to your account 

For a one off pick up

  • Notify Aranda Afters Prior to 2pm on the day of collection that another person will be collecting your child including their full name and contact number. 

For an ongoing pick up

  • In email provide Aranda Afters with the following information to add an authorised person 
    • Full name;
    • Relationship to child;  
    • Address; 
    • Contact number; 
    • An indication of your authorisation for the following 
      • Collect/deliver my child(ren) to and from the service 
      • Give permission for my child(ren) to attend excursions 
      • Consent for my child(ren) to receive medical treatment including administration of medication and emergency transport by an ambulance 
      • Be Contacted in the case of an Emergency when a Primary carer can not be contacted.

Enrolment Information 

Aranda Primary School Kindergarten Orientation Evening

Aranda Primary School holds a Kindergarten Orientation Evening during Term 4 each year.  Aranda Afters hosts a stall and are available for all your questions for dates and times of the Orientation evening please speak to Aranda Primary School 

Aranda Afters Kindergarten Orientation Flyer

Enrolment Categories

Please refer to our Enrolment Policy on ‘Our policies’ page for more detail about our enrolment categories:

Permanent enrolment

A permanent enrolment is a regular booking that may be for a particular day, or every day, of each week during the school term.

 Casual enrolment

A casual enrolment is one which may be made available to families on a short-term basis.  Casual enrolments may occur when the service has been advised that a family, holding a permanent enrolment, has notified the service of a variation to this enrolment. Please note:

  • A casual enrolment is offered under the same conditions as a permanent enrolment. 
  • The acceptance of a casual enrolment does not modify a family’s placement on the waitlist.

The offer of a permanent enrolment, and place of care, will be determined by the family’s status on the waiting list for permanent places at the service.

Temporary booking

A temporary booking is not a regular booking for fixed days. 

It is for those times when families need occasional care and is only available if there is a place available to accommodate the request. 

Requests for temporary booking must be made prior to 12 midday on the day of care being requested.

 Cancelling an enrolment

With our Out of School Hours Care, a minimum of four weeks’ written notice is required if an enrolment is to be cancelled.  Fees are charged during the cancellation period, unless a replacement enrolment commences in this time frame.  If this occurs, fees will only be charged for the period of time that the place has been left vacant by the cancelled enrolment.

When cancelling a School Vacation Care (SVC) booking, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel a booking. Similar to OSHC, failure to notify us of your cancellation before the 48 window will result in a late notice fee.


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