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Enrolling With Us

The first 2022 Enrolments period is now closed  

Aranda Afters is taking second round enrolments for 2022.  

The second enrolment period will remain open until Term 1, 2022 begins.

Enrolment documents  

To assist you to prepare for your child(ren)’s enrolment please review the attached documents:  

Enrolment process for children not previously enrolled at Aranda Afters  

Please complete and submit the following online enrolment form:  

2022 Enrolment Form for new children  

Enrolment process for children who have previously attended Aranda Afters  

Yours is a two-step process:  

Step 1:   

Complete and submit the online Register of Days Form which can be found here:  

2022 Aranda Afters Register of Days Form  

Complete one form per family.  

Step 2:   

A re-enrolment form for 2022 will need to be filled out along with the register of days form. To access this form, an email will need to be sent to requesting a copy of the re-enrolment form. When emailing, please use the subject line:

2022 Enrolments: Requesting a re-enrolment form

Enrolling in 2021

To enquire about enrolling your child at Aranda Afters in 2021 please email We will send you enrolment information and a link to the 2021 Enrolment Form.

Enrolment Documents

Before enrolling at Aranda Afters we encourage you to read the following documents containing important information about how the enrolment process works and how the service is managed:

Some families may be asked to complete additional forms depending on your family circumstances. These may include medical forms, such as:

All action plans are required to be signed and dated by a Doctor within the last 12 months. The Action Plans provided here are a courtesy, doctors may wish to complete their own template.

Or operational forms, such as:

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