Enrolling With Us

 Enrolment documents  

To assist you to prepare for your child(ren)’s enrolment please review the attached documents:  

Enrolment process for children not previously enrolled at Aranda Afters  

          Please complete and submit the following online enrolment form: 

          2022 Enrolment Form for new children  

Enrolment process for children who have previously attended Aranda Afters  

Yours is a two-step process:  

Step 1:   Complete and submit the online Register of Days Form which can be found here:  2022 Aranda Afters Register of Days Form  

*Complete one form per family. * 

Step 2:   A re-enrolment form for 2022 will need to be filled out along with the register of days form. To access this form, an email will need to be sent to admin@arandaafters.com requesting a copy of the re-enrolment form. When emailing, please use the subject line:  2022 Enrolments: Requesting a re-enrolment form

Enrolment Documents

Some families may be asked to complete additional forms depending on your family circumstances. These may include medical forms, such as:

All action plans are required to be signed and dated by a Doctor within the last 12 months. The Action Plans provided here are a courtesy, doctors may wish to complete their own template.

Or operational forms, such as:

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