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Helpful Information Regarding Keeping Children Healthy in Summer Conditions

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Avoiding Heat-Related Stress – Generic Information

Avioiding Heat-Related Stress – Information for Childcare Centres

Helpful Information Regarding Keeping Children Healthy in Children’s Services

Staying Healthy – 5th Edition

Youth Program

Aranda Afters is currently compiling information to work towards creating a Youth Program that will run during School Vacation Care. This will coincide with regular SVC Programming however will be specifically formatted to engage our senior students, along with students who recently graduated primary school and are beginning their journey into secondary education. This program will be designed by the senior students themselves to encourage maximum participation.

We are currently in talks with Canberra High School regarding this idea and are looking for interest from parents here at Afters. If you believe your child(ren) would be keen to take part, let us know by taking this survey! We look forward to getting your feedback.


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